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By far the best!

Re: Natural Facelift Rejuvenation Massage Workshop:

Thank you for a fab course. I was impressed with the results. When I got home I had a look at myself in my mirror and my whole face looked lifted, with no droopy bits. I cannot wait to go out and do my stuff. Thank you for everything Helen. Carol xx

Thanks so much for a great day Helen. The course was fabulous - am looking forward to turning back time on the faces of friends, family and clients! Thanks again.  


- Kimberley x

Great Day!

Re: Psychic Development Weekend:
The weekend was amazing and we didn’t want it to finish – in fact I think we would still be there today if it wasn’t for the fact you might need to use the room! Denise has a lovely gentle and down to earth approach to her teaching, giving us guidance, lots of laughter, support & loads of encouragement throughout the weekend. It fulfilled all my expectations and a lot more too & we told Denise that she had to offer us another weekend so that we can develop on the work we had done this weekend. For anyone interested in finding out about the area of Physic Development, but a bit uncertain, then your time with Denise will amaze you. A big thank you to Helen for opening up her doors and inviting Denise in. 


- Veronica

Amazing ...

Thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoyed the course today and I am so excited that I now have this skill. I honestly didn’t think that I would feel so confident after just one day’s training but you are a fab teacher and I cannot wait to get practising. I have just finished giving my husband a treatment and he loved it. My 8 year old son conned me into a short head massage before bed and he didn’t want it to end! Like I said, I really enjoyed today, thank you. I am looking forward to the facelift massage in June. Best wishes, Jenny

- Ashley Brown

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