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Reflexology is recognised as one of the fastest growing holistic therapies now gaining worldwide acceptance. It is based on the principle that every organ in the body is reflected in certain reflexes in the feet.

The feet are a microcosm of the human body. By manipulating the reflex areas on the feet, energy congestion in the body is released. With the correct stimulation of the feet reflexes, and whilst the client is relaxed, this will help improve the energy flow to the body’s systems.

This results in an overall feeling of well-being and thus enables the body to function efficiently. Reflexology is a completely safe, natural aid to restoring the body's healthy balance.  Our distance learning level 3  Reflexology course is the perfect home study course to ensure that you succeed in this exciting field –we offer the best of both worlds, providing distance learning for the theory component and an intensive hands on practical classroom component.


With this course you will have full tutorial support from your own personal tutor.

Overview of course:-


Planning to study and how to reference your work


Unit 1:  History and origin of Reflexology

Unit 2: Meridians and the five element chart

Unit 3: Anatomy and physiology relating to Reflexology

Unit 4: Consultation

Unit 5: Contraindications and contra-actions

Unit 6: Basic First Aid for Reflexologists

Unit 7: Benefits of Reflexology

Unit 8: Health & Safety and Professional Code of Ethics for Reflexology

Unit 9: The Reflexology routine including foot massage

Unit 10: Reflexology for health concerns

Unit 11: Reflexology carried out on other parts of the body (hand and ear)

Unit 12: Aftercare and summary of Reflexology course


Attendance: You will be required to attend for one full day and one final assessment, as well as case studies. 

Pre Requisite: To attend this course you should have your Anatomy & Physiology and Massage Qualification.


Prices vary, Please contact us to find out more. 




This course is accredited by The Complementary Medical Association and is awarded 280 CPD’s and is also accredited with the IPHM





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