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All our online courses are to be paid in full



Begin an exciting exploration into the use of Tarot Cards.

This is the first step in becoming a successful Tarot reader.

Whether you simply wish to apply what you learn for the benefit of yourself and close friends or colleagues, or perhaps become a professional Tarot Reader, this course will help you to achieve your goal.


The Tarot Reading Course consists of fourteen modules. Each element is designed to introduce you to an aspect of Tarot Reading. When you have completed all the elements you will be able to help yourself and your friends benefit from Tarot Reading. You can also begin to proceed to turn this new knowledge into a career.

This course is designed for the student who is new to Tarot Reading as well as the practised student who wishes to learn more. This Course in Tarot has been written with the aim of allowing you to develop your own understanding of Tarot


There is no time limit to completing the course.  Work at your own pace.  Tutorial support is available throughout.



  • What is Tarot

  • Tarot History

  • Methods of Reading

  • Your First Tarot Deck

  • What is a Spread?

  • Your First Reading

  • The Meanings of Readings

  • The Professional Reader

  • Meditation

  • Protecting your Cards

  • The Major Arcana

  • The Minor Arcana

  • Definitions of The Major Arcana

  • Definitions of The Minor Arcana

  • Tarot Spreads

  • The Mysteries of Tarot

  • Certification



Cost: £90.00

Entry Level: None.


Course format: Self-paced.  Training material is emailed to you.


Accredited with: The International Institute of Complementary Therapies 

Insurance can be provided through Balens, Towergate and many other insurance companies


Attendance: No attendance, this is a distant learning course.

Additional Costs: You will need to purchase your own products, equipment (ie table and chairs for consultation) in order to carry out your case studies. We also recommend you purchase a text book to support your learning, a recommended reading list is supplied with your training pack.


Certificate: Tarot Reading Practitioner Diploma

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