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Crystal Healing Therapist


Whether you simply wish to apply what you learn for the benefit of yourself and close friends or colleagues, or perhaps become a professional Crystal Healing Therapist, this course will help you to achieve your goal.


Learn about crystals and their meanings, and how you can help heal yourself and others.  Explore how,  with this home study course, you will have knowledge of the history of crystal healing, the balancing vibrational energy of crystals and the qualities of different crystals, their benefits and their colours. You will learn how to care for crystals, programme your crystals and work with them and the chakras to restore balance in the bodily system to improve yours and your client's health and wellbeing.


Prior requirement:  None


This is a self paced course, and does not have a time limit to complete

Accredited with the International Institute of Complementary Therapy



Course Structure


Module 1:  Healthy and Safety, Professional Ethics

Module 2.   Anatomy & Physiology

Module 3.   The History of Crystal Healing

Module 4.   The Science of Crystals

Module 5.   How does Crystal Healing Work, Choosing & Cleansing Crystals

Module 6.   Which Crystals to Use.  Programming your Crystals.  Meditation.

Module 7.   Crystal Healing

Module 8.   Crystal Dowsing.  Pendulums.  Crystal Elixirs.

Module 9.   Chakras & Crystals.

Module 10.  Massaging and Crystals.  Consultation. Crystals in the Home. Insurance  Details and Final Case Studies

Module 11.  Crystal Directory


*Case Studies will be required*

Please note this course is comprehensive, however students are expected to do some of their 

own research.

Cost £90

IPHM Accredited

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