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As more and more is required of employees, the benefits of on-site chair massage, which has been utilised in the workplace for more than 20 years, results in enormous cost savings, increased productivity, higher morale and less absenteeism.


Stress is the number one cause of poor work attendance and employees pay millions of pounds every year on lost productivity and healthcare costs.


On Site Chair Massage is easy to set up and run, can last any time between 5 – 30 minutes and, as it uses no oil, takes place with the client fully clothed. This treatment will leave the employee feeling re-energised and ready to return to work. Also an ideal treatment for pregnant women or those unable to lie on a massage couch.


Course structure covers:

  1. What is On Site Seated Chair Massage

  2. How does it Work?

  3. History of On Site Seated Chair Massage

  4. Benefits of treatment Contraindications/Restrictions to Massage Anatomy

  5. Contra-indications

  6. Anatomy

  7. Massage Routine

  8. Treatment Reactions and Aftercare Advice

  9. Consultation Form

  10. Care of the equipment

  11. Hygiene and Professionalism

  12. Professional Ethics and Conduct


All of our courses are accredited by IICT


Course length: 1 Day ​

Cost: Prices vary, Please contact us to find out more.

Accreditation: 7 CPDs

Please email us to reserve your ideal date and location for training.
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